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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Modern Wiccan Girl

I might throw this post away.

I'm not shy about my religion, but I don't want it to define me. I don't think you should be defined by your religion in the sense of "I am a (X) so this is who I am." That's not all of who you are.

The beautiful thing about humanity is that we are all so different. I have a sugar maple in my front yard. That maple tree is beautiful, and I'll miss it sorely when I eventually move from this house. I watch it seed and bloom and change in the autumn. I love that tree. I haven't named it; I just call it the sugar maple. I have thought of tapping it, but the amount of effort for the minimal amount of syrup would probably be embarrassing for a novice like myself. On top of that, I don't want to harm the tree, especially when it gives me such a peaceful joy when I watch it sway in the summer winds.

As you can see, my cat loves the tree, as well.
If I were to take every single leaf off of that tree and lay them side by side in a long line, I would find that every single one of those leaves is beautiful. Maybe this one is a little fatter, or this one has a shape that looks like a dinosaur footprint, or maybe this one is the exact shade of green as my favorite Spring coat...but all of them are just beautiful. I think that people are the same way, and we so easily forget that. We are creatures of nature, and nature is beautiful.

I've been asked to be the official Kitchen Witch for Witchcraft & Wellness; I take this position with humility. I was raised a Catholic, so I suppose humility and guilt will be forever ingrained in my psyche. I haven't found humility as a theme in Wicca; just 'walk your talk.' Words are powerful things, so always be able to back it up.

I don't know why I'm posting this. I suppose I feel fear for accepting this position, but not because I'm afraid of who I am--I'm more afraid of screwing it up. I take my religion seriously. I know that I'm not the best Wiccan in the world, but I try to be a good one.

The first rule is "Know Thyself," according to Thirteen Rules of the Witch.

The second rule is "Know thy Craft."

The third is "Learn."

I guess I just try to learn everything I can. Life is a giant University that you attend every moment. Everybody has experienced this day differently from you, and that's a beautiful thing. One of the ways we can learn most easily is through food.

I was fortunate enough to find my vocation/career path early in life, and it's a gift. It brings me life, and I get to touch people's lives with what I do. I must admit, however, that the previous sentence has been sitting on my screen for the past 15 minutes and I've been staring blankly at it in hopes that I could remember what the point of all of that was.

I guess the point is that life is precious and the fact that I still feel iffy about being who I am in a sea of bigoted Christianity("What's the Matter with Kansas", Westboro Baptist Church, etc.) is just wrong, especially when I know so many Christian people that are open and loving and happy. Maybe it's people that are wrong, and not the religion they claim to be.

Blessed Be. Gotta go work. Enjoy this picture of my hot chocolate from this morning.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain!

Happy Halloween and a most-blessed Samhain wishes come to you from Mademoiselle Wanna B Gourmande!

Those of you whom are close friends know that I'm no stranger to the occult, but to my readers I just want to let you know a few tiny tidbits about this holiday, and maybe about myself in the process! So here are some tips for enjoying the holiday, because it is meant to be enjoyed.

  • Halloween is, first off, one of the safest nights of the year for trick-or-treaters/children! The number of children being poisoned by candy in the United States is zero. There aren't any records of it. It's just an urban legend!
  • The biggest danger to trick-or-treaters is cars for obvious reasons.
  • Speaking of cars, please do not be that parent/guardian that uses the car to trick-or-treat. You know who I'm talking about; those people that drive in a slow creep down the street, letting their kid get out at each house, then going back into the car immediately to drive to the next one. It's embarrassing for the kid, really bad on your gas, and honestly it's just f#cking stupid. You're taking the fun out of the holiday.
  • There are towns out there with curfews on Trick-or-treaters being out after nightfall. So if you're in one of those towns, protest by going to people's doors at night. And if you're not, be grateful that you're not. 
  • You're not in danger of sex offenders. Seriously. No records have been shown. You're more likely to get harassed for that "sexy nun" costume at the college party than your kid is for dressing up like Wolverine. 
  • You carve jack-o-lanterns tonight and set them out to ward evil away. There are now battery-operated candles that keep going all night, that can fit in those little buggers! They're safer, sure, but tea candles make the pumpkins smell good! 
  • Speaking of jack-o-lanterns, don't throw the guts out! Pumpkin seeds are good eating, or you can just throw the unwashed guts out into your backyard and enjoy a pumpkin patch next year! Seriously, it's way cool, and your kids will love it. Plus, you'll feel good about growing plants and feeding bees, which are dying off. at a scary rate.
  • Halloween is a modernized version of Samhain, which is the time of year which Wiccans/Pagans believe that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is the thinnest. That's why you wear masks, so the evil spirits don't come and mistake you for someone else, and take you back with them. 
  • This is another reason you do the treats: you appease the spirits so they don't come inside and steal you away. Or TP your house. 
  • Some kids have mental illness, cognitive disabilities, or just can't afford costumes; so don't harass a kid that doesn't have a costume. It's everyone's holiday, so don't be a dick. 
  • This is a holiday, in serious tones, to remember the dead and honor your ancestors. To many, this is the Wiccan/Pagan's most sacred holiday. So don't be a dick to people's religious beliefs if you don't agree with them. i.e. don't crash Circles or Rituals; it'd be like if someone came into a Catholic church during mass and just did naked cartwheels down the aisle. It's weird and rude. 
  • Pagans/Wiccans don't believe in Hell. Or the Devil. That's a Christian thing. So calling someone a Devil-worshipper is really more awkward than insulting. 
  • Don't sacrifice black cats. Seriously, it's cruel and just plain fucking stupid. I mean, what do you hope to accomplish? Honestly?
  • Don't take the fun out of the holiday for the kids; drop them off, have a cell phone in their pocket, and pick them up in another hour once they've gone around the neighborhood. And don't do the trunk-or-treat thing. Please. It's embarrassing for me to look at you dragging your poor 10-year-old around a church parking lot in some sad, sick and twisted version of tail-gating. And I'm sure the kid is happy about the candy, but it's not what the holiday is about. 
Follow these tips and enjoy a Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain!