Our Partners

Our Partners

SHOOTT Photography

We're living in a moment of history that you'll want to remember. Right now, SHOOTT Photography is doing free mini photoshoots in the Kansas City area! With each session, you'll get a free 30 minutes, and only pay for the photos you love. Perfect for social media, family portraits, or just a group of friends. These socially-distant photo shoots are a great way to capture this moment in time. Choose from five fabulous locations, including the Historic West Bottoms. Use my code CYUJRMZTJG to get 10% off their gallery purchase of 5+ photos.

Monteza Jewelry

There are a lot of great jewelry companies out there, and Monteza is one of them. Before Covid-19 hit they worked with World Vision to sponsor children! Nowadays they do their best to focus on helping their employees. I'm not much of a bracelet girl, but I do love their necklaces and earrings. Use my code MTZACHEF for a 60% discount on your order!

Limitless Flair

Limitless Flair is a badass clothing shop full of stuff to help you rock that bod. They've got a pretty darn wide variety of items to choose from, so feel free to browse around! Use my code AMBASS10 for 10% off your order. 


Sometimes you just want some cool stuff that nobody else has. Check out Acusling! They've got a lot of fun stuff in the way of swimsuits, activewear, and cover-ups. I love this sheer midi-dress! I also got some great vented workout tops that are perfect for dance class. Use my code AMBASS10 for 10% off your order.

Holistic Happiness Coaching

In this time of uncertainty (as in, our entire lives on this planet) we can always use someone in our corner. I can't tell you how much it's meant to me to be able to talk to my Life Coach from the comfort and safety of my home. Right now, Holistic Happiness Coaching is offering a Quarantine Relief Package. Your first two sessions are FREE. Yes, that's right, FREE. If you decide to continue working with Denise, your next sessions are 2 for $100(which is a total BOGO)! 


Who loves Rose Gold? Who loves unique accessories of good quality? Who loves a good bargain? I do. Head to Zibilly.com to find some awesome deals. Use my code WANNAB20 to get 20% off your entire purchase.

Icy Pristine Jewelry

The Colorado Rockies are one thing, but Icy Pristine Jewelry? Quite another! Unlock your inner forest witch with unique and beautiful pieces. I especially love these earrings, which have gilded seashells on the hoops. Head to IcyPristine.com and use my code WANNAB70 for an astounding 70% off your entire purchase!


Sunglasses! Necklaces! Purses! Watches! Lots of fun stuff... If I had an iPhone, I'd probably get my case from here, too. I'm not joking when I say that they've made my absolute favorite sunglasses ever that I now wear all the time. Even better, they have an incredibly easy ambassador program, if you're into that sort of thing. Join me, get some free swag...or just skip the #influencerlyfe and get some cute stuff with my code Kolika20 for 20% off. Up to you. 
Everlasting Comfort

These are not the products you might expect me to push, but believe me when I say that the stuff found on this website will put you one step closer to actually living your cottagecore dreams. Let's face it, fellow Millenials, our knees are killing us. We love blankets! We now care about lumbar support in our cars. And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that! Pictured above is my absolute favorite blanket in the world, and I swear on every diety I know, it's the softest possession in my home, next to my microfiber feather duster. Everlasting Comfort is an awesome company that does sell on Amazon...but if you use code Wannabgourmande on their website, you'll get a discount. Your choice.  

Made by Meow

Made by Meow is an amazing website that lets you unleash your inner crazy cat person while helping animals along the way. Is it totally silly to buy matching accessories for you and your cat? A little. But the world is harsh and we all need a good laugh now and then. Made by Meow raises money for animal rescue organizations by providing much-needed food to shelters in need. Use my code SIMMONS40 for an amazing 40% off your entire purchase.

Global Goods Inc.

Good vanilla doesn't have to cost a fortune. We grow good vanilla in Mexico, and it's more than fine for the home baker and experienced cook. This vanilla is my favorite for cakes, muffins, and cinnamon rolls. Check out Global Goods Inc to get your own bottle of good vanilla. Use my code LFVanilla for an awesome 30% off your purchase.

Mashai Beauty

I love a good lipstick as much as the next girl, but what I really love is a brand of makeup that is woman-owned, vegan, and long-lasting. Mashai Beauty ticks all of those beautiful boxes. They have a whole line of skincare, lip plumpers, and great lipsticks. This gorgeous brown matte lipstick lasts for hours, even though plenty of eating! Check out their Instagram. Use my code SPRING20 for 20% off your purchase.


I've given and received my share of personalized gifts in my day. From bracelets to monogrammed T-shirts to wallets to toys, Violet Fox has it all. The clothes are durable and comfortable, and - even better - machine washable! Perfect for a busy gal like yours truly. Use my code FOXY50 for a whopping 50% off your purchase!