Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Obese Americans now outnumber those that are merely overweight, study says" (And my opinion on it)

Obese Americans now outnumber those who are merely overweight, study says


Okay so..........

On one hand, this is no shock, at all. Look at how we eat, how we feed ourselves. Look at how many fast food restaurants there are, just dotting the roads. Look at the poor areas of your town; there are whole areas of a town where there are literally zero grocery stores, just gas stations and fast food restaurants.

A salad in America that's NOT completely shitty(nasty-ass iceberg lettuce, dried up pre-shredded carrots, some gel-like ranch dressing) costs like $7 a pop and fresh fruit is expensive...and then some shitty burger at McDonald's costs $1. I mean, with low-income families, mass class's no wonder that people are getting fatter and sicker and sicker and fatter. It's no fucking wonder. We have a shitty economical system of poverty that's causing you to get fatter and fatter. Did you know that Mississippi, fattest state in the country, also has the highest poverty level? Sometimes, it's really not their fault.

On the other hand, we have this whole movement of "Love your Body," "You're beautiful no  matter what", "body acceptance for all" thing going on. And, hey, I am 100% all for that! Seriously, I am! Because a.) who am I to tell you HOW to live your life and how one should look and b.) the general rule about someone's appearance is: if it's not something you can fix in 5 minutes, don't fucking tell them.

Let me say it again for the people in the back: If it's not something you can fix in five minutes, DON'T TELL THEM.

Spinach in your teeth? Tell 'em. Stain on your shirt? Let 'em know, maybe they have a Tide pen or something. Hair all messed up with flyaways? Maybe they missed a bobby-pin and are about to go into an interview? Chocolate frosting on their face from that cupcake? Be that friend that tells them "Hey, you got a little schmutz right there."

Now, then, if someone is fat, you don't need to make fun of them for that. They know that they're fat. They get reminded every day that they're fat and that chips away at your humanity at a point. And you're a dick for adding to that shitty feeling. Nobody can fix being fat in less than five minutes. Nobody.

Here's where I feel conflicted:

I think obesity is a disease, and it should be treated like the treatable medical condition that it is, especially if the person is suffering from it. I think that scooters in the grocery store should just stop being a thing unless they're being used by the old and arthritic, not if you're morbidly obese. Seriously, when I was 16 and working at a Safeway(grocery store in AZ) we kept two in the store, for our elderly customers. We would roll our eyes and be really annoyed if we had to drive back and charge those scooters if the person using them wasn't old and hobbling, simply fat and unable to stand on their own kneecaps, especially when we saw a really old lady hobbling around with her cane, unable to shop quickly because she just couldn't stand very well. I certainly don't think the fat acceptance movement has done "more harm than good" because I think it reminds us that fat people are PEOPLE with FEELINGS; that's a human being that's living that reality every day. But I also think that it's not helping it as a health crisis.

Gastric bypass is crazy expensive. Gym memberships are expensive. Exercise classes are expensive. Exercise itself is free, but only if you already know what you're doing. Diet? I'm afraid that's the part I know about, and I know that it's not cheap to eat well. I've been BROKE before, and the cheapest things I could eat were also the shittiest things I could have possibly put into my body, and I felt it every day. Looking back on it, the times when I gained the most weight also seemed to correlate when I was in my worst financial state. So, like, diet-wise...I get it.

From a medical standpoint, though? While I am not a doctor/nurse/medical professional of any sort, I also know that THIS IS NOT GOOD. We were not meant to be this. We were not meant to be 300 lbs. 400 lbs. 500 lbs. And children that are obese? Don't even fucking get me started; these children are being poisoned every day by people who never learned to cook, to take care of themselves, and that are too poor to break that cycle and give these poor children a fighting chance. Ever see that video where Jaime Oliver goes to a West Virginia elementary school and the children there can't even fucking recognize ONE SINGLE VEGETABLE, NOT EVEN THE POTATO? Yeah, so that's happening in America. That's scary, that's disgusting, and that's not fucking okay. It's a horrible cycle that NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. If you're going to bring a new life into this world, then for the love of all Gods there is and ever were, GIVE THEM A FIGHTING CHANCE. Because by the time they're old enough to be in the world and make their own decisions, they don't know how to cook, or feed themselves, and they're just repeating this vicious cycle of eating poorly and keeping a crappy habit up with their bodies.

Now, there are always other factors... Gain weight from pregnancy and you can't shake it? Hey, I get it--your body changes VIOLENTLY in the act of procreation and sometimes you just can't change it back, sometimes muscles tear and separate, and you can't fix that without REALLY EXPENSIVE surgery. Fibromyalgia? Yeah, every single moment of just unexplainable pain when you MOVE? Of course you're going to get sedentary and not be able to cook for yourself. Gland problems? Thyroid issues? Yeah, of course. Those are always factors. Those kinds of things make you gain weight, no matter what. The end. Those are things that one cannot control, realistically.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that there are too many factors to blame just one thing, and I honestly don't know if the individual themselves are to blame. I think that circumstances are to blame, combinations of economics, lack of education in HOW to fucking cook, increasingly sedentary lifestyles, etc.

Do I even think that this little rant will help anyone? Probably not, no. But those are all of the feelings that this article stirred. And what is the internet for, other than shouting inexplicably into the void?


Blame Howl for waking me up. He's the one that had to poop, and now I'm sitting at my computer, typing this because I can't get back to sleep. Then again, I am glad he woke me up; there was some rain happening and I'd left my car windows cracked.

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