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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Culinary School

My dear friend, Witchy Words, does not cook.

We were at dinner(*) at IHOP the other night and we somehow got on the topic of how she does not cook. I've offered several times to teach her how, but her will is strong, and only wants to learn at her own pace by reading about it. I think that's fair. Everybody learns at their own pace, and if you force yourself to learn something you have a natural aversion to, chances are that you'll make it worse.

We then discussed an idea: BASIC 101 COOKING LESSONS FROM ME.

So, now I'll be tagging my blog entries for Basic 101 Lessons as "Culinary School".

This will cover the absolute basics, just simple stuff on how to boil water, how to cut veggies, et cetera. This will be a free ticket to Culinary School, no tuition required, just follow and share my blog!

We'll start later today. Class dismissed!

Here's a picture of Strawberry Rhubarb cobblers, just because.

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