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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Garden Omelette

There's nothing like a good omelet in the morning. Fluffy egg, yummy veggies, meats and cheeses (if you like)... Delicious stuff!

My favorite thing about omelette is that you can make a lot of them in a very very very small amount of time. Julia Child even dedicated a whole episode of the French chef to them! It's a technique that everybody has to master, or at least try to, at some point in their culinary career.

The trick: get your pan good and hot, so that the eggs get move and fluffy. And don't skimp on the butter(my own personal tip).

The one above isn't so pretty because I took a few bites before remembering to snap a picture. But it has tomatoes from my garden's final haul as well as onion, salt & pepper. You can add whatever. So they're excellent for dinner parties in which you want to class it up. You know, cuz you're a fancy bitch. Look at you. So fancy.

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