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Thursday, July 26, 2012

India-Themed Wedding Cakes

This will be another visual blog, similar to the Rainbow Cake blog. I don't know what else to say other than India-themed wedding cakes are fantastic. I mean, really, they are. Do you guys remember that post I did about the desserts from pastry chef Nick Wesemann? He did an India-themed dessert based off of an Iced Mango Lassi. It had a cardamom bisquit, some pistachio elements, frozen yogurt...all the good things.

India has amazing flavor profiles. When I was studying India in my World Cuisine class, the thing that shocked me the most was that the Indian food I've had in my life was absolutely nothing like the Indian food I'd had before. You get new things like 'hot/warm' flavors and 'cool' flavors, versus hot and cool temperatures.  You introduce yogurt as a savory, tangy element - like sour cream only way better. And Indian food isn't always ridiculously spicy. In fact, it is more about balance than anything.

Curry is a fantastic flavor for a cake when thinking about a unique dessert. Yogurt cakes are wonderfully moist, and using yogurt in your frostings and fillings can be fantastic ideas for cakes. Pistachio is a great Indian flavor, as are things like cardamom and mango and coconut. Things like these are amazing flavors and far too often overlooked when desserts are  thought of. But enough of my intro - check out gorgeous photos!

Blue and gold are great, but not necessarily evocative of an India-themed wedding.

Thank you, passionate-cakes.blogspot.com!

Peacocks are a GREAT theme, as are elephants when thinking of doing henna designs.

This is my favorite wedding cake EVER! I love the details and purple ribbon, probably enough to have it for my own wedding someday.

So who else is amazed at these awesome cakes? Henna itself is an artform, and there is no reason you can't incorporate an element like that in your own wedding. Want some more inspiration? Go to Pinterest or TheKnot.com! Happy cake-eating!


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  3. Hi the wedding cake looks wonderful but I would love know how you made the flower round the bottom of the cake thank you

    1. Hi, Tracy! It's edible paint with a stencil to get the super-clean lines!

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