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Friday, April 6, 2012

Rainbow Cake

Oh my GOODNESS it's so crazy-hard to be vigilant about a weekly posting with the kind of crazy life I have! But I'm pirating internet at the local library at the moment, and rather than listen to people snoring in the comfy chairs or librarians softly 'beeping' in each call number on the books, I'll listen to myself type and my own inner-monologue as I write you a new blog.

For those of you who keep up with me on Twitter, you'll know that I had a photoshoot with Jani Bryson a few weeks ago and I just got the prints today! So it's time to share a few of my favorite prints with my friends, and the subject was on something I've noticed trending a lot recently:

Sprinkles are awesome
Rainbow Cakes!

These are awesome because it combines two things I love: cake and color.

Color theory and design has always been an interesting subject for me. Not only can you get a tiny peek into a person's psyche by what their favorite color is, but you can evoke just about a thousand different emotions by using the correct color combinations or intensities. I love the rainbow, and honestly I don't understand why it's both loved and hated.

"What? People hating the rainbow? NONSENSE!"

No, it' not. Check THIS out. Yeah, somebody actually REFUSED to make a rainbow cake because the customer was gay. Or something. Either way it was really stupid. I realize that this story was awhile back, but the point is that it happened and gay-hating is honestly going back to the Dark Ages as far as intensity goes. (Actually, I take that back since A LOT OF PEOPLE DIDN'T CARE ABOUT BEING GAY BACK THEN AND I DON'T KNOW WHY WE DO NOW.)

By the way, Jesus never said anything about gay people. That's a fact.

Anyway, rainbow cakes are awesome. What is even more awesome is how much fun my fellow bloggers on Tumblr have with making and posting pictures of them. Ready for picture funtime? So am I!

Classic ROYGBIV without the I

This is a twist from the regular layering!

It doesn't look it, but that takes an AMAZING amount of skill to do

Layers are a great way to show gradients
Of course, amongst the awesome amount of layer cakes we find when searching for "rainbow cakes" on Bing or Google or whatever, there are a few that choose to get super-creative with the concept of a rainbow cake. For example, this blogger chose to make a cake in the shape of an actual rainbow, complete with marshmallow clouds! (I would have used a piped meringue, myself, but that's just me!)

Not the best photo quality, but still uber-cool

And what about this blogger? This is a Pega-corn! It's a combination Unicorn/Pegasus, with rainbow wings of awesome!!! And yes, this is a cake. Don't ask me how to make it, because I have no idea.

Ace of Cakes be damned..

Another neat thing I've discovered is that weddings(the ULTIMATE money-maker if you're a baker or cake decorator) seem to go all out when it comes to rainbows. These here are rainbow wedding cakes, for the bride that can't decide what color scheme to go with. (To be honest, this is what might end up happening to me.)

 What baffles me the most, I think, about rainbow wedding cakes is that they're automatically put in the category of gay weddings. I mean, seriously? When did the rainbow become a solely homosexual symbol? If you  like rainbows, you're automatically a fag - and that's really sad.

When I came home after the photoshoot with Jani and sliced myself a piece of the cake, I sat down next to my boyfriend(who was on his computer in the living room) and asked him if he wanted a bite.
This is a classic square-tiered cake with cascading roses in a rainbow!

He turns to me and gets completely wide-eyed and says "That looks awesome!" without a big of sarcasm attached.

"Really?" I ask.

"Yeah, rainbows are awesome." He turns to his buddy G at this point and says "I miss liking rainbows. Why can't I like rainbows because I'm a straight guy? That doesn't seem fair."

And that's when I decided I was going to spend the rest of my life with this man.

Citrus fruits and colorful ribbons are awesome
Sorry, I'm getting off-topic.

The point is that rainbow cakes are awesome, and I was lucky enough to get to shoot some with Jani, who is easily one of the best photographers I know. I brought along my friend Jessica and we had fun doing it. It drove her a little more nuts than me because - as Chefs - we're both trained to work quickly in the kitchen, but with food photography everything must be done very slowly so you can get the right shots. And since I've teased you for awhile on pretty pictures that are NOT of the shoot, here are the ones that we took!

Jani is awesome because she shoots the process from start to finish

While butter is 100% awesome, I personally like oil for cakes just because it turns out SO MOIST

We divided the white cake batter into seven separate ramekins for coloring

Although liquid dyes are fine, gels are superior to use for this kind of project

The colors get more and more intense as they sit, so give them a minute

Grease the pans and preheat the oven BEFORE YOU START MEASURING INGREDIENTS

Doesn't Jess look cute?

The semi-finished product. You can't see the terror of that thing falling over in my face, but I'm good at hiding that kind of thing...

The finished product!
Wasn't that fun? A journey of rainbows and happy times? I can tell you that it was awesomely fun for me. And I'm sorry that I got a little off-topic about the whole gay/fag/rainbow/homophobia thing, but it really needs to be addressed, because rainbows are for everyone.

So have fun making rainbow cakes, you guys! Submit comments or pictures to be featured on my blog!


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