Move Over, Cupcake!

Sorry to my faithful readers(all two or three of you) for not posting more often; finals are upon us at the AI-International in Kansas City, and the seniors did their final Capstone projects. It was a big turnout! And everybody did fun little hors d'oeuvres, either in sweet or savory form.

So I have something to say to all of you. Some might be upset, and some might be relieved...but the Era of the Cupcake is dying. Time for a new Hero: a multi-dimensional hero with endless possibilities for sweet and savory, flaky and tender...I'm speaking, of course, about pie.
Cupcakes, I'm leaving you.


Yes, pie!

Pie is the new cupcake, and not just in its big 9" form, either. My friend Thomas did phyllo dough pumpkin pies for his Capstone project, and LOOK AT HOW FUCKING CUTE THEY ARE.

When I picked one up to taste it, it was buttery and flaky - like pastry made of paper! The custard itself was rich and velvety, like an old love affair. And the best thing about it is that cupcakes can go bye-bye!

Pies have so many more possibilities than cupcakes do. With crust infusions and custards, with shepherd's pie and mini-trifles...everything is new and fun again! Just like Car Radio Pie, or Jenna's First Kiss Pie.

Okay, just watch this trailer. Or see the movie. Or both.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm totally and completely 100% thrilled that cupcakes are out and pies are in. Pie is awesome!

And if you'd like to meet another pie enthusiast that's twice as hilarious and three-times as obsessed as I am, head on over to I Eat She is amazing.