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Sunday, January 3, 2021

My First 2021 Snow Day Musings

I'm feeling creative today so I thought I would go back to what made this blog special in the first place, or at least what I felt like made it special: My thoughts.

Back in the day, I used to write for Open Salon. "Write for" is a generous statement, because I really just posted my thoughts on this big open forum and people decided if they liked it or not. I suppose I got the idea from watching Julie & Julia when I was first starting Culinary school. I had this idea that I was going to be this amazing writer that connected people and helped change their lives. I guess I wanted to reach out and see if anyone was ou there in the void, listening. 

I remember Banksy said that fame is a byproduct of actually accomplishing something. But what is an accomplishment? Who decides what accomplishment is? The world? Your social circle? Is it you?

I feel like I've accomplished some fun stuff on this website, where it's been a braindump for my recipes and what I was making. In truth, I had this phase where I did what every annoying food blogger did: writing LONG PROSE THAT NOBODY CARED ABOUT along with a recipe. And then the recipe at the end? Pull your finger out of your ass.

I guess I realized how annoying this was from the other end and decided to switch it up. Yay! And it was received well, but I have no idea if folx tried it out or not. I have no idea if anything on this website has meant anything to anyone. I suppose that this is the strange thing about the internet, in which it's mostly just screaming into the void and hoping that the void has answered back. 

Maybe I'm feeling this way because it's my first day off of the new year? I had such fun out in the beautiful snow today. Winter has kissed my home. I love the sound of snow crunching under my boots. The plows came today on the side streets so I'm free to go to the grocery store. But what will I make? 

I usually just go to the store, look around at what protein is there, and decide from there. I'm not much of a leftover queen anymore; maybe I used that juice up when I was working at the food rescue kitchen? I loved doing that, transforming food nobody wanted and using it to feed those in need. I really felt like I was accomplishing something by doing that. Maybe I should go back to it, transforming my leftovers into something new? 

Well, dear friend, I hope you know that I'm here, alive and kicking, and this writer made it through 2020. 

Here's hoping we can all make it through this coming year of 2021. Happy cooking and happy eating.