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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017

Just wanted to take a moment to wish my followers, and the rest of the world, a Happy New Year!

My New Year's Resolution? It's pretty simple. You can do it, too, if you like.

All I want to do this year is to make an impact. That's it! just make an impact. You can make an impact in big ways or little ways. What's a big way you can make an impact?

No Kid Hungry is an awesome charity that you can organize a fundraiser for

  • Organize a fundraiser for your favorite charity
  • Get out to your local county office and voice your concerns about your community
  • Petition to keep cursive in a primary curriculum
  • Call your mayor, senator, etc., and voice your concerns about the future 
  • Volunteer on your local school board
  • Go to a pet shelter and adopt a pet
  • Go to a pet shelter and volunteer there
  • Find a local assisted living facility and volunteer to help out there, too
Do those seem small? No way. Those are huge. Those things to do impact a lot. You will likely not see it on a global or national scale, but you will touch the lives of every person you meet on the way to getting those goals accomplished. 

Nothing better than getting a new best friend at your local shelter...

You don't think that volunteering at a pet shelter is having an impact? Look at the dog you're walking. Look at the workers that are tired and drained from watching those poor animals get sick or be passed over for younger or prettier dogs. Look at those animals with nobody to give them a forever home. You're helping them because you are becoming a positive presence in their lives. Look at what you can do. Yes, you.

Don't have the time or resources for the big ways? That's fine! Making an impact in a small way is good, too.

You can change the world with flowers, if you like

  • Say hello to your neighbors and ask them how they are
  • Walk your dog in your neighborhood
  • Plant a small garden
  • Take shorter showers
  • Go vegetarian for one day out of the week
  • Help someone else with their groceries
  • Smile when you make eye contact with someone on the street
  • Say "please" and "thank you"
Whoa, are these actions really something that makes an impact? Absolutely. These small, seemingly trivial acts will make an impact, but you might not see it right away. 

Tiny actions are like pebbles. You cast a small pebble in a pond and it ripples the surface; they're small, but look at how they grow! Someone, however, has to start them. You might not think that a simple walk around your neighborhood is much, but it's a step to being more active, so it's good for your health. Your neighbors will be conscious of your actions, too, and notice you more, which is safer for you if you start a routine and they notice you haven't done your daily walk in a long time...you'll also notice more things in your neighborhood, and maybe be more aware of the goings-on in your own backyard, which can be safer for everyone. 

Planting a small garden reduces your carbon footprint by adding a tiny bit more greenery...and if you plant things like lettuce or tomatoes, it'll cut down on your grocery bill! Maybe it'll grow into a hobby that you love, that gives  you a little bit more purpose, that brings you about 10% more happiness.

Going vegetarian for one day out of the week will impact your health in huge ways, as well as be better for the environment. There's a huge environmental impact that goes on when you choose meat every day, especially grass-fed beef. As horrible as it sounds, grass-fed is worse for the environment than grain-fed beef. Grass-fed animals need about 5 times more food than grain-fed, emit exponentially more methane(fart way more) than grain-fed, and takes all that much more land and water to maintain all of that grass than grain-fed animals do. Buying produce, however? That's good for your body, good for your wallet, and ultimately good for the planet. If everybody in America went vegetarian just once per day, you'd be shocked as to how much of an impact that would make for the planet. 

There was a point, in spring, that I didn't go to the grocery store for two weeks because of all the stuff I was growing.
You can only imagine how much money I saved.
Don't think that helping someone else at the grocery aisle is something powerful? Oh, ye of little faith. What if you became the highlight of someone's day by being that stranger, that random act of kindness? What if you were the sole reason a stranger smiles today? Can that be bad? Can that be harmful? Of course not. It's little changes every day that matter. No one person can change the world, but they can change their world. Let me say that again.

No one person can change the world, but they can change their world. 

So, yes. My resolution is to make an impact, even if it's a small one every day. 

And, of course, spend more time with my friends!

Happy cooking and happy eating.

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