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Friday, November 13, 2015

Soapbox Rant: Selfies and Why I Love Them

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Instead of another food post, which I can't seem to find inspiration for, as of late, have a Soapbox Rant. 

*stretches* *pops neck* *steps on soap box*
While I'm not sure if this qualifies as a "normal" soap-box rant for me, I feel it needs to be said:
I am so vehemently pro-selfie. I really am.
I love seeing your selfies. I love seeing you. I love that you're saying "I am here."
"Oh it's narcissistic" you might hear some say? Consider this:
Great works of art were portraits of the rich, the royal, etc. Commissioning portraits could have been considered narcissism, don't you think? Maybe the argument is that it's documenting history? That this person was there, and existed? I think that's the same with selfies.
Another reason that I love selfies is because: WHAT IS SO DAMN WRONG WITH LIKING THE WAY YOU LOOK???
Yeah, I'm taking a selfie. I like the way I look. Does that threaten you? What's wrong with liking the way I look, in a society that tells me that I'm only allowed to like my looks if they fit [X] paramaters?
I picked up a women's magazine somewhat recently(I think it was Cosmo but I'm not sure) and on one page was "love your body" and then in the same magazine a few pages later there was an article about "LOSE THAT MUFFIN TOP SQUAT YOUR WAY TO A BETTER BUTT" and then a few pages LATER there was a cake recipe. What the f---why????
In a society where it is SO confusing and SO hard for women to find some kind of solid, consistent choice as to what to do when it comes to their looks, I don't see how taking a damn selfie is harmful.
A selfie says "I'm here. I look like this. And I'm okay with that."

Sure, you might post a few with angles and filters and makeup. So what? You're not hurting anybody. Take that damn selfie. I appreciate you and what you are saying. You're not waiting for someone else to come along and take your picture for you, to photoshop it to make you look good so you can finally look like those women in magazines. You're not waiting for someone ELSE to say "Hey, you look good, let's take a picture."
You are taking control of your body and your face by snapping that selfie. So keep 'em coming, because I love it. I silently cringe when I see your facebook profile pictures as anything OTHER than your beautiful faces and of cartoon characters or memes instead, even you dudes. Yes, I see that you like Looney Tunes, but I want to see YOU. I want to look into YOUR eyes. Please, take a selfie and use it as your profile picture!
I would love nothing more than to come back to this post a few hours later and find it full of selfies in the comments.
Please take selfies. Even you dudes. You can take selfies, too.
*steps off soap box*

Now, go. Take a damn selfie. You have the power to shut out those that call you narcissistic by ignoring them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

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