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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rose Cake

Recently, I was commissioned to do a special cake! I'm not very good with buttercream writing or gumpaste flowers, so I just did my best with my meager, self-taught skills. The roses and leaves were all made using Italian buttercream, and Wilton tips of varying sizes. I think it's not bad for someone who hasn't done buttercream roses in seven years!

The cake isn't actually made from real roses, but it could very easily be filled with rose petal jam, instead of the strawberry filling I've made for it. The recipe for the cake itself is my favorite vanilla cake recipe, which is strong and firm cake yet with an extremely light crumb. This cake is ideal for sculpting and keeping nice clean cuts, and perfect for layering.

When choosing cakes to layer, I suggest letting the cake itself cool in its entirety before working with it. Not only will the cake be more stable and easy to work with, but your buttercream will not melt into a big, goopy mess.

This cake is made with a fresh strawberry filling that's made of fresh strawberries in the blender, blitzed until smooth, and then folded in with buttercream to create a soft and gooey filling of yummy-ness. Once spread thin, I took sliced fresh strawberries and layered them atop the filling to create a dynamic of firm and creamy, fresh/tart and sugary/sweet. You can do the same with any flavor combination you like, of course!

Just be sure to save me a slice. Or two.

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