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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lunch at The Farmhouse

Smoked shortrib lasagna, Parmesan crisp, fresh ricotta
I had my first doctor's appointment in 15 years today. It was at a lovely little office in the River Market area of Kansas City, and it was right next door to the Farmhouse. I had not only gone to the appointment without any help, I had made the appointment all by myself and used my insurance to find myself a new doctor.

Can you say 500G for Adulthood??

Of course you can.

Anyway, it was the first time I'd done blood work and I felt a little peckish afterwards. I normally stand by the very familial notion of "it's unhealthy to eat alone", but my hunger rules me, and I decided to dine solo. Oscar Wilde once said that learning to love one's own company is the beginning of a lifelong romance. I figure that if I can't stand to eat alone, nobody else should have to stand eating with me.

The staff at The Farmhouse were a friendly, young, and eclectic group of people, much like a cast of extras from Portlandia. The entire ambiance was really open and chill, and the art on the wall was gorgeous. There's a big picture of a giant rooster hanging over the bar that, apparently, the Chef painted, according to one of the regulars I met.

The cocktail/wine/drinks menu is given to you on a clipboard of dog-eared paper, and the lunch menu is no different. This is a good thing, because it shows the menu is not only recycled, but changeable. The Farmhouse boasts its seasonality and farm-to-table mentality, so seeing a menu like this is a good sign.

Although the triple-decker grilled cheese caught my fancy, I saw the pasta special on the board(pictured above) and just had to try it. After all, I did blood work at my doctor's appointment--I need some bright red in my diet. (In case you didn't know,  tomatoes especially have a high amount of potassium and vitamin C, so that means that they're good for your heart, like many other naturally-red foods are!)

They had posted on Facebook(apparently) that every person that finished the special would get a big high-five from the staff. I finished mine without fail, and got a high-five, so good on them for being good on their word. The staff was so friendly and fun, and I cannot stress enough at how utterly delicious it was to have coffee that was freshly pressed.

It's National Coffee Day, by the way, on this day of September 29th. Do you know how I received my coffee this morning? Do you? Like this:

That's a genuine French Press with cream and raw sugar. Hell to the yes on that one.

The restaurant is very clean and has a fun vibe. I ended up sitting at the bar next to the artist of several paintings on the wall, and chatting up a storm. The bar manager learned that I was in the industry, too, and we three just had a fine time, gabbing the afternoon away.

Another thing about their menu that I want to stress is that it's truly farm fresh American cuisine. They make everything in-house that they can make in-house and they're doing a good job of it. That dollop of white on my lasagna? Fresh ricotta. The burrata is made with fresh mozzarella, too, and that's a good thing.

The Farmhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoYou might say "Burrata? That's not American!" It might not have American origin, but the thing about American cuisine(and really any cuisine, if you think about it) is that it is able to have fun with what it has. If we, here in Kansas/Missouri have access to all of this gorgeous farmland and these wonderful animals and the products those animals have to offer...why not use them in tried-and-true delicious ways? That being said, a burrata is a fantastic thing to show off on a menu, as it is very difficult to do well and to do well consistently. While I did not have the burrata, I did see it go out to another table, and the smell and look of it was just perfect.

All in all, I really dig The Farmhouse. Friendly staff, awesome location, great food...two thumbs up! I will most-definitely be back for dinner.

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