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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vegan Hot Chocolate

It's oddly easy to go Vegan when you're trying to be as dairy-free as possible. Everyone has their reasons to go vegan. I am not vegan, but I try to avoid drinking milk when I can, because I'm lactose intolerant. Though mine isn't necessarily for ethical reasons, getting farty when you consume too much dairy is an excellent reason to adopt a vegan-friendly lifestyle.

Don't worry, you don't have to go completely granola. Just little substitutions can help! A splash of coconut milk, for example, in your favorite instant hot chocolate mix can add that extra bit of creaminess you're craving!

But here's a real vegan hot chocolate recipe:

Vegan Hot Chocolate

  • 3-ish ounces Dark chocolate, at least 55%, chopped
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • A splash of water, about a tablespoon

Heat the coconut milk and water(this is to keep it from thickening TOO much) to the point where it's steaming. Add the chocolate and whisk-whisk-whisk. This will froth it and give a creamy texture...though use an immersion blender, if you have it. You can also modify this recipe by putting the chocolate in your blender then pouring the hot liquid over it while it's near-boiling. Let the chocolate sit in the heat for at least one minute before blending on low. This will emulsify the chocolate and give you a frothy treat! The chocolate is posted as "ish" because this is a base. You can use however much or however little chocolate you want! Also, coconut milk is naturally quite sweet, so it can really stand bitter chocolates...up to 70%, if you like!

Add your favorite vegan marshmallows(bought or homemade) or dairy-free whipped topping and enjoy on a rainy morning without the possibility of being farty later!


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