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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop (Crossroads)

Beef Jantaboon
It's no surprise that I love Asian cuisines of all types, and Thai holds a very special place in my heart.

When I was in Culinary School, I learned about Thai cuisine for the first time. I suppose I never understood it until then, but here's a little excerpt on Thai food from my notes:

Thai Cooking brings in the….Five tastes:


There's also, usually, a crunchy bit or two in there. They also have influences from Portugal and China, which include the stir-fry thing and the sweet egg thing...but that's not what this is about: this is about Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop in the Crossroads, where I ate lunch at yesterda.

I got mango and she got strawberry...and both were delicious!
I completely love this place. I couldn't think of a better place to drag my friend Marietta to on a nice sunny day like yesterday. The atmosphere is really tropical and fun without being kitschy, and the service is always impeccable. They've got a wide selection of cocktails and infusion, as well as Bubble Tea, which I couldn't help myself in getting.

The menu is extensive, but not overwhelming; it has something for everyone. They can easily do vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free. Actually, the noodle dishes are mostly all gluten-free, since rice noodles are...well, gluten-free. You could choose from some appetizer platters, or perhaps just go with a salad or wrap. They have bahn mis there, which are more of a traditional Vietnamese sandwich(from what I understand), but at the same time...who cares, they're delicious? They also have papaya salad, which is a really traditional Thai street food, and just perfect for a light lunch dish. I was hangry, though, so I set my sights on the beef jantabon(seen above), while Witchy opted for the Thai cashew chicken.

I tried getting an action shot.
The beef jantaboon is a stir-fried rice noodle dish with cilantro and a crap-ton of delicious sliced flank steak to go with it. The cashew chicken is, obviously, chicken with cashews and spring onions, served with rice. Both were filling and delicious...we each ate half and wrapped up the other half to go.

I'm actually eating the second half for breakfast, right now. Or, maybe, since it's 11 am...it's brunch? Yeah, I think it's brunch. 

My favorite part about the meal(oddly) was the end, when we got these adorable little fortune cookie! They're not the flavorless vanilla-esque wafers you get with Chinese food, but flavor-packed coconut-y little tubes of awesome. Honestly, they were like those yummy pirhouette cookies you get in the tin cans, but the cookie part was about ten-times thicker. I would have loved it if they were filled with some kind of coconut custard cream, but they had a fortune in them, instead, all rolled up in a tiny scroll. Seriously, I wanted a handful of those cookies.
They are so freaking cute.

I've eaten at Lulu's once before on a date with B. I seem to remember the both of us getting Drunken noodles, and I also remember teaching him how to use chopsticks. I also remember the meal being similarly excellent, as well as the service.

I'm so lucky to live right down the street from this place! You can bet that it comes highly recommended for a date, for lunch, especially with how diverse the menu is, and how consistently good they are. I don't think I'd come here for a business meeting with the whole office, trying to work on paper work or finish a big project, but maybe a business lunch with a client that you're trying to keep casual. (Maybe I don't know the difference?) Two thumbs way up! Happy eating, Kansas City!

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