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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Is it Thanksgiving yet??
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is a true American holiday and I am in the ranks of its #1 fans. Christmas is cool. Halloween is a blast. But Thanksgiving? Oh, Thanksgiving.

You roast a giant bird and eat a giant amount of food without any underlying pretense, other than just eating, eating, and eating. Abraham Lincoln was the one that was really made it the American holiday it is today, with, you know, proclaiming it and all...but the point is that it's an American holiday. Nobody else in the world does it! I mean, I'm sure that they have some version of it in Australia, but it's pretty much the All-American Holiday, and I just adore it.

So, today is November 5th, and Thanksgiving is the 27th. That means we have a mere 22 days until then!

So let's band together, keep Christmas back to its own month--December--and come together for a best Thanksgiving ever!

I won't be home for Thanksgiving. But I will be here, in Kansas City, my new home. I'll be planning something fun for my own foodie family and friends. Maybe a pot luck. Maybe I'll make myself some pizza! But today is the 5th of November. I won't start posting recipes yet, but my goal is to post one every day until Thanksgiving Day. Should be fun!

Happy eating and happy blogging.

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