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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mini Party Parfaits

From top to bottom: Lemon bar parfait with raspberry compote, topped with poached strawberry slices and whipped cream; chocolate fudge cake with lavender caramel, cocoa powder and fresh blueberries; wasabi raspberry cheesecake with pretzel.

These little dudes are also known as tasters, and can be the star of your next party. You can bake mini cheesecakes into little shot glasses (as pictured here), or just buy some of your favorite pastries and give them a makeover. They look fabulous, and they look like they were hard to do!

Honestly, though, they're more time-consuming than difficult, but well-worth the wow factor. I mean, seriously. Little shot glass desserts are SO much cuter than mason jar desserts! And if you're a 20-something like me, you jabber more shot glasses than you do mason jars lying around.


Crush any baked good into a chunky-ish mess, scoop and layer into a glass vessel (these were shot glasses),.interchanging with found if your choice. Then garnish and serve on a platter, to be the most fabulous host(ess) ever.

Happy Summer, and Happy Entertaining!

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