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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

City Market Coffeehouse

So being a college student, I drink a lot of coffee. I mean, a lot of coffee. I would like to think of myself as a coffee aficionado, only because I drink so darn much of it. (I actually know I'm not a coffee aficionado. That's why I'm the Wannabe Gourmande.)

I'm standing in the kitchen eating a lollipop. Cus I'm a food writer.
Those of you following me on Twitter and FourSquare know that already, but this is a blog that doesn't just go with random running esoteric jokes. I love that word; esoteric. Just say it: eso-TER-ric. Doesn't that just sound poetic? It's one of those words that I like because it makes me sound smarter than I actually am. (At least in my head.)

Anyway, being a Chef I work mostly at night, so that frees up my day to go to restaurants and coffeehouses during the day that would normally be crowded but aren't because - hey - 9 to 5ers are at work! I took my dog Howl to the dog park today, and let me tell you why that was an idiotic move for me to do.

This is Howl. Howl is white. Howl runs fast. Run, Howl, Run!

Hehe. Sorry.

GSD in repose. High fashion.
Howl is a big, white, German Shepherd mix. Therefore, he likes the water and he's goofy as all get-out. He's also 11 months old and a healthy 67lbs of pure, lanky muscle, and has no idea whatsoever where he begins or ends. I like to take him to Penn Valley Dog Park on occasion so he can run off some of that puppy/German Shepherd energy and I won't feel like such a monster for leaving him in the apartment all day. After about an hour or so of play he usually is fine with leaving and then he sleeps all day. Win-win!

So I'm an idiot for bringing him today because he's a white dog that loves to run and swim, and it rained yesterday. Yes. It RAINED. And somehow my dumbass brain thought "Hey, bringing a puppy to a dog park a day after a heavy rain couldn't possibly be a bad idea! Let me put on my white eyelet dress!"

Not even 10 minutes there he finds the one mud puddle and rolls in it. And then the Goddess showed herself in the form of an Angel who ran the So Fresh Dog Grooming company. She takes the dogs to the dog park before grooming them at her beautiful home in Roeland Park, so I let her take Howl with her while I went and ran some errands. Being in the downtown area already, I opted to go to City Market.

Just in case you don't know or if you're not a Kansas City native, there's this place in Downtown KCMO called City Market that's this really cool, first class kind of farmer's market that also has regular shops and things like that. They have stupid cheap prices, like $1/2lb of grapes. Definitely cool!

Anyway, I was cold so this all led me to City Market Coffeehouse, which is a place I'd never been to before. (By the way, by checking in on FourSquare it helped me unlock my Fresh Brew badge AND the Level 2 Explorer badge!)

The place was smallish, but I expected that. It had a beautiful, sexy old-world Industrial feel inside, with the brick walls and the old-timey-looking coffee roaster they have in the back that looks like a train engine from the 19th century. I mean, seriously. That's awesome. What's even more awesome is that when I went in(which was about 10:30 on a Tuesday) they were actually ROASTING coffee beans in this thing. Seriously - the coffee beans were still green and unprocessed, and the barista literallydumped a big plastic bin of them in the top. It was really great.

City Market Coffeehouse on UrbanspoonThey had a large array of syrups available for flavors, and a nice big menu written in chalk. Soy and almond milk were available for those of us who are lactose-intolerant, and they seriously know how to make the best coffee drinks ever. I had the mocha latte with soy milk and pumpkin spice - pumpkin spice - and it's February. I mean, seriously, that's amazing. I love pumpkin.

The barista there was kind of quiet, but she made she sh!t out of my coffee drink, and the muffins were really good too. Everything there from the breakfast burritos to the bagels to the pastries looked and smelled great. It's a true Kansas City experience. I highly recommend going, because I think I've found my new favorite coffeehoues in the Downtown area.

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